Test Bank for Project Management


Test Bank for Project Management Lecture.

Consists of 123 Questions (Multiple choice, True/ False, Calculations).

All Answers included.

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Project Management Test Bank

Project management test bank is quite useful in terms of assessment of you students in order to find out how well they learned covered materials such as Project management lecture. This project management test bank consists of 123 questions which are divided in several sections, such as:

Section 1 – The Importance of Project Management (7 Questions)

Section 2 – Project Planning (18 Questions)

Section 3 – Project Scheduling (6 Questions)

Section 4 – Project Controlling (6 Questions)

Section 5 – Project Management Techniques: PERT and CPM (10 Questions)

Section 6 – Determining the Project Schedule (27 Questions)

Section 7 – Variability in Activity Times (31 Questions)

Section 8 – Cost-Time Trade-offs and Project Crashing (16 Questions)

Section 9 – A Critique of PERT and CPM (2 Questions)

With the help of this test bank you will be able to highlight your strengths and weaknesses of your students. You may require around 1.5 to 2 hours in order to accomplish this test bank.

Test bank with full answers! 


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